This work is part of a series that has as its theme the relationship to the artistic heritage from the period of socialism, specifically, the mass destruction of monuments erected after the Second World War in Croatia. Post-war society articulated and maintained the memory of the most traumatic war experience in the history of these areas with the numerous erected monuments. Since the breakup of Yugoslavia and the homeland war that followed, a large number of these monuments have been damaged or destroyed, and they are still the occasional target of vandalism. An archival photograph of the destroyed Monument to the 1st Split Partisan Unit by Vuko Bombardelli is used as a visual for printing in a specific process, using paint obtained from gunpowder, which in this case takes on the role of pigment.

The work was produced for a group exhibition Conficted at the C24 Gallery, New York, USA in 2023.
Untitled (Monuments Archives)

Untitled (Archive Košute), 2023
silkscreen on paper with color obtained from gunpowder
100 x 70 cm
archive photograph: Institute of Art History, Zagreb, Croatia (photographer: unknown)

Conflicted, C24 Gallery, New York, NY, USA (July 27 – October 5, 2023)

installation view:
Conflicted, C24 Gallery, New York, NY, USA (July 27 – October 5, 2023)

photo credits:
Viktor Popović
Daniel Krieger