Katerina Mitrović

Croatian artist Viktor Popović often uses the ready-made method in his work. He includes used objects in his works: by confronting art and everyday reality he questions the relation between them. The main elements of his installation this time are used chairs, borrowed from Slovenian National Theatre Drama in Ljubljana. Usable pieces of furniture, marked by traces of use and wear mutate in a new context into a non-functional, but visually attractive mass of shapes illuminated by neon light. The chairs are transformed into exhibits by the artist's gesture of appropriation, into a work of art that carries within itself the memory of the previous use of the objects. When the chairs are returned to their owners after the exhibition, they will regain their usual role and purpose, but the memory of their presence in the context of the art exhibition will forever be inscribed in them.
Lighting Guerilla Festival: Memories

group exhibition

Cukrarna Palace (organized by the Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana), Ljubljana, Slovenia
June 1-17, 2017

Katerina Mitrović

work exhibited:

Untitled, 2017
used chairs, fluorescent light tubes, electrical fittings
dimensions variable

photo credits:
Viktor Popović