Deborah Oster Pannell

This exhibition, the inaugural presentation by A:D: Curatorial in their new space, also marks the culmination of a collaborative residency program between A:D: and C24 Gallery, co-curated by Maria Isserlis, Christy Woody, and David C. Terry. Featuring work by artists Martyna Poznańska and Viktor Popović, Arrival…Departure marks the beginning of a new era for A:D: Curatorial, as it explores the layers of memory and emotion that surface in the process of displacement.

In early 2020, A:D: needed to relocate their space to a new building. This experience, happening on the cusp of the global pandemic and political turbulence, provided an opportunity for them to explore and empathize with the plight of people whose lives are in a state of upheaval and deadly peril. Collectively, the work of Poznanska and Popović investigates both the physical as well as emotional consequences of change as it manifests in the external environment, our personal space, and within the human body itself.

In this exhibition, the culmination of his 2019 residency at A:D: Curatorial, C24 Gallery artist Viktor Popović has created a body of work that honors the memories of the organization's old space as it explores the physicality of their new environment. Popović, a lifelong resident of Split, Croatia, is known for his elegant and precisely rendered interdisciplinary installations and objects that probe the relationship between materials, architecture, geographic location, and history. Using a pigment created from dust that he collected from the original gallery space, he has printed a series of ghostly gray images — photographs he took of the former work and exhibition space. In addition, utilizing pieces of office furniture placed in a floor plan that echoes the former one, he adorns them with larger prints from this same series of photos, backlit to transform these everyday objects into points of drama and wonder. Together, the works map out a constellation of touchstones that highlight the way we enshrine our memories with significance, even as they may be finite or fading.

Polish-born, Berlin resident Martyna Poznańska is an interdisciplinary artist who works with different media, including video, audio, photography, sculpture, and the written word, building connections between the intangible medium of sound and solid matter. For this exhibition, she has assembled a body of work that explores the realm of intimate, bodily memory. In a collection of objects, images, and words, she memorializes her family’s changing matrilineal legacy of sewing as an expression of identity and survival, the mechanics of time and memory, and the way that plants and animals mark our relationship with ourselves, our bodies and the passing of time. The dialogue between Popović and Poznańska’s works opens up the space for an exploration of generational and collective trauma at a time when basic elements of humanity need to be reignited across the globe.

solo exhibition / with Martyna Poznańska

A:D: Curatorial, Berlin, Germany
April 26 – July 1, 2022

Maria Isserlis, Christy Woody, and David C. Terry

works exhibited:

Untitled (Archive Aperto Raum), 2022
digital print on canvas, library shelves construction, LED light
each print 175 x 100 cm

Untitled (Archive Aperto Raum), 2022
digital print on canvas, library shelves construction, LED light
each print 175 x 51 cm

Untitled (Archive Aperto Raum), 2022
digital print on canvas, office tables construction, LED light
each print 100 x 74 cm; 100 x 64 cm

Untitled (Archive Aperto Raum), 2022
silkscreen print on paper (using archival dust)
each print 70 x 50 cm

photo credits:
Viktor Popović