Untitled (Archive ST3: Content) is a continuation of a project started in 2015. The focus of the new research is the recontextualization of 1960s architecture.

The archival background for this series of works is the photographs by renowned Split photographer Zvonimir Buljević, who was involved as a technical contributor to the Split 3 project. The series of black and white photographs are a photographic walk through the newly constructed areas of the Trstenik and Smrdečac neighborhoods and shows some of the most famous architectural achievements of massive residential construction in the area. Considering that the buildings were taken down immediately after the completion of construction, the facades still do not reveal the dynamics of living and in this sense, their surfaces and volumes can be read and convey the basic thought of architectural deliberation. At the same time, Buljević, through dynamic shots that portrays the relationship between contemporary architecture and the Mediterranean landscape, very clearly illustrates the process in which the city takes over the area of ​​former vineyards and fields.

The works formed are hybrids at the intersection between photography, relief, and object. Industrial color filters have been applied to the photographs, perforated with segments of text from a 1969 document Split 3: Basic Urban Design by the Urban Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. This comprehensive document provides the technical details of the project as well as the basic ideas that made the project as it was. The infrequently sublime, idealistic language thus reminds us that the city is an act of will, and must increasingly be the subject of a conscious effort to shape and preoccupy the most conscious and intelligent forces in the community. An attitude that is extremely important to remember today.

The works were produced for the solo exhibition Untitled (Archive ST3: Content) at the Gallery AŽ, Zagreb, Croatia in 2018.
Untitled (Archive ST3: Content)

digital prints on paper mounted on aluminum boards, perforated color correction filters
each print 42 x 35 cm
archive photographs: private archive (photographer: Zvonimir Buljević)

Untitled (Archive ST3: Content), AŽ Gallery – Žitnjak Studios, Zagreb, Croatia, curator Jasminka Babić (October 5-17, 2018)
Reading the Present, University Gallery Vasko Lipovac, Split, Croatia (September 17-27, 2019)
The Other City, Museum of Fine Arts, Split, Croatia (December 15, 2020 – January 24, 2021)
The Other City, Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia (November 7 – December 6, 2020)

installation views:
Reading the Present, University Gallery Vasko Lipovac, Split, Croatia (September 17-27, 2019)

photo credits:
Viktor Popović