The selected location for the Untitled (Archive Omiš: Health Center) spatial intervention is the façade of the Health Center in Omiš, Croatia, which is also the focus of work. The building was designed by architect Zoja Dumengjić in the period from 1957 to 1959, at a time when much more thoughtful investments were made in health care due to the highly developed social awareness in society. From that time until today, the city's population has almost doubled and health space capacities have remained unchanged. In the meantime, the building has undergone a very poor renovation that has largely nullified the values of the original project. An element of architecture that remained unchanged was detected through archival material. A red canvas is stretched on it, emphasizing the original architectural proportion and thought.

The works were produced for the Almissa Open Art Festival in Omiš, Croatia, where presented on August 25, 2020.
Untitled (Archive Omiš: Health Center)

fabric, light, 410 x 595 cm
intervention on the façade of the building

11th Almissa Open Art Festival: Emergency, Health Center, Omiš, Croatia (August 21-26, 2020)

installation view:
11th Almissa Open Art Festival, Health Center, Omiš, Croatia (August 21-26, 2020)

photo credits:
Viktor Popović