Jasminka Babić

Exactly four years ago, Viktor Popović made an outcome in third dimension in Gallery 'Plančić' in Stari Grad (!) on the exhibition with Ivana Franke, by exposing lead curtains on window frames. Combing curtains and graphite pictures in unimposing way, he opened himself a way to more liberating artistic outcome. Today, it is very interesting to observe principles on witch his work (and works on the same trail) was spectacled and marked earlier – like object, intervention in space, installations or similar, but this days it got contexts and definition thru term 'new Croatian sculpture'1.

Liberated from severe boundaries and determinations of sculpture and tradition, Viktor Popović, already with last year awarded work on Croatian Trienale Sculpture, shows remarkably interesting way of thinking on contemporary sculpture. Performing theme from post-pop artistic dictionary, he produces a clean sculpture, strongly based on form. Clouse made from lead sheet metal was put in order to intentionally designed shell, simulating every day consumer stick situation. In such way designed and exposed objects become full of meanings, provocations, social and artistic connotations, jet everything stays in a background of clear statement – which is a sculpture. In recent work, artist steps even farder. He chooses simplified usable objects, like a chair and table, to reduce complicated interpretations and expended sociological contests. Remarkably vivid, Viktor imposes materials, supposes fullness with emptiness (base of traditional sculpture), by clouting and then unclothing wooden objects with dark rubber. What is left, its bared object with belonging rubber skin. Everything is very simple: by sculpture thought dialog “empty-full”, “volume-space”, existence – nonexistence”, stableness and hardness of wood and liableness of rubber… All old and familiar questions posed on fresh and contemporary way.

Considering new Viktors works, I remembered one Stein Bach’s statement in which he says that art does not start wit passing throe the door of museum.2 Through. Long time ago we are (or at leas we need to be) used on entrance of usable objects in artistic demean. Jet, still is remarkable and astonished creating moment in which, exposing tennis shoes on wooden shell or combating chair with rubber cloak, means creating quality Pease of art.
  1. Zvonko Maković, introduction in the catalog for the exhibition "New Croatian Sculpture", HDLU, Osijek, 2004.
  2. Art at the Turn of the Millennium, Benedikt Taschen Verlag GMBH, Koln, 1999. Page 478.
Solo exhibition catalogue preface

One on One (with Igor Eškinja)

Gallery Moria, Stari Grad / Island of Hvar, Croatia
September 4 – 18, 2004

Jasminka Babić