rubber sheets, typewriters
variable dimensions

Installation view: Kristofor Stanković Gallery – Old City Hall, Zagreb, Croatia, 2007 (May 24 – June 5, 2007)
rubber sheets, items from the collection of the former People’s Revolution Museum in Split, owned by The Split City Museum: a radio transmitter – call no 1407, an aggregate – call no 1403 and a search light – call no 1387
variable dimensions

Installation view: One on One, Gallery of Fine Arts, Split, Croatia (February 11 – March 9, 2011), w/ Igor Eškinja
Installations with borrowed everyday objects covered by a thick layer of rubber were produced in 2007. The focus was on objects, linked both to the spaces as such and to their users. The agent of art was the rubber cover. The selected objects, hidden under identical pieces of rubber, were only vaguely visible, while the observer, aware of the fact that they were exhibited artworks and therefore not to be touched, was left to guess and speculate. The new version of the installation, presented on exhibition in Split in 2011, acquires an additional memory code with the choice of borrowed objects. Under the rubber layer there are objects that were part of the holdings of the former Museum of the People’s Revolution (today owned by the Municipal Museum of Split), which was located in the building of today’s Gallery of Fine Arts in the period between 1980 and 1991. A radio-station, an aggregate, and a search light covered with rubber constitute an artwork that is both visually and conceptually intriguing. Museum exhibits, laden not only with their primary uses, but also with their museum history, with which we are still struggling, give an additional meaning to the installation, re-contextualizing it in terms of space and time.

The work was produced for the solo show at the Kristofor Stanković Gallery in Zagreb, Croatia in 2007.
Photo-documentation of exhibited works:
Zoran Alajbeg